• Food Processing, Packing, Labeling Technologies Special Section
  • 1-4 September 2021
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The future of food technologies will be highlighted at CNR AMBALAJ

We will be pleased to welcome you at CNR AMBALAJ ISTANBUL, Food Processing and Packaging Technologies Exhibition, one of the most significant opportunities to meet with the food technology professionals in Eurasia Region.
The Show will take place at CNR EXPO Istanbul between 25-28 November, 2020, in conjuction with CNR Food Istanbul - Food and Beverage Fair
You will see a wide range of food processing, coding, packaging, sealing and filling machinery used in the areas such as confectionery, pickling, sesame processing, dry fruits and legumes.
The sector's top manufacturers like Memak, Bismak and Kulp Filing have already booked for the show.
Why visit
The driving force behind the success of the food technologies industry in Turkey is its innovation capacity and adaptability to new technologies.
Turkish food technologies professionals continually deliver high-quality products with skilled workmanship and reasonable pricing.
The food Technologies industry in the country offers reliable, fast, and free technical support to the clients.
Industry companies provide technician support and spare part needs of the clients.
The highly qualified professionals of the industry provide expert product consultancy and training solutions to the clients.
Most of the manufacturers provide a two-year guarantee for their products size.
The industry offers high-quality labor force and lower service fees compared to the EU countries.